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Solar power your business

Going solar with your business will reduce operating costs. Incentives, such as, Federal Tax Credit and Depreciation Tax Credit reduce the cost of installation by 30 — 60%. Take control of your energy usage and costs by installing solar and battery back-up. Remember, going solar will highlight your business as a "green company" that is dedicated to the environment.

Benefits of solar

Accelerated Depreciation (MACRS) is an economic tool for business owners to recover capital costs over the solar energy equipment's lifetime. It allows businesses to deduct the appreciable basis over five years, reduces tax liability and accelerates the rate of return on your solar investment. Each year, the owner of a commercial solar system may deduct, for 5 years, around 20% of the total system cost. Therefore, when combining the Investment Tax Credit and Accelerated Depreciation solar tax incentives, the solar system owner gets around 50% of the total system cost repaid by the Federal government in the form of lower taxes.

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