Installing solar panels on your roof will reduce or completely eliminate your utility bills, allowing you to save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. You can also cash in on immediate savings with solar rebates to bring down the cost of installation significantly.

Going solar is also the cleanest energy, which reduce greenhouse gas emission and eliminates the need for burning coal.


*Based on a residential 8kw system on a home in zip code 91403 that uses 1,100kw/month, and spends $200/month on electricity bill.

Cumulative Electric Cost Savings
Over 25 Year Warranted Life of Solar Panels

  • At Current Electric Rates $40,000
  • 2% Annual Rate Increase $56,872
  • 3% Annual Rate Increase $67,502
  • 4% Annual Rate Increase $97,950

System costs plus incentives

  • Installation Coast $32,000
  • DWP Rebate ~$2,400
  • Tax Credit $9,600
  • Total investment $20,000