Why go solar?

  • Rebates and incentives from both federal and state government lower the cost of installing solar system. Now is the time to take advantage of these.
  • Installing a solar system will lower your monthly bill and will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year.
  • Having a solar system will increase the value of your property, and most likely, the added value to your home offsets the original cost of installation.
  • Your solar system has no effect on property tax, and your home with a solar system on it is more likely to sell quickly on the market
  • Having a Solar System is an excellent and secure investment. In fact, at a yield of 10-15% it outperforms many other investments, such as bonds CD’s and stocks, on their average rate of return.
  • Having your own solar energy system, will provide you with energy independence and will help you avoiding rises in utility rates. Utility rates have increased at around 5% per annum, and may go even higher.
  • Most of all, Solar energy protects the environment. It helps preserve the environment for generations to come by reducing carbon footprint.